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Meet the
Maitreja Society.

We would like the active users of the Maitreja platform to participate in shaping and directing the platform and to decide together on supporting projects with a positive social impact.
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We believe that the energy invested in the grid should be returned to its users. That is why Maitreya is moving towards a decentralised ownership structure. This means that all active or contributing members will also be co-owners of the platform with the decision-making rights that inherently come with it. Together we can shape an environment for peaceful creation and connection with people who are tuned into the same wave. For this reason, we are setting up a non-profit organization called Maitreja, of which any user can become a member.

We want to learn to take responsibility for our way of life in a respectful and open community, aware of its impact on the community and environment we live in. By supporting projects with a positive social impact, Maitreja can positively influence the changes that are constantly taking place in society. Maitreya's platform aims to improve interpersonal relationships and the environment. Not only for us, but also for future generations.


We support projects with a positive impact

We see the future of humanity in collaboration and the sharing of visions, goals and projects. Every user can pursue whatever they are working on in a safe and free environment and share it with others with confidence.

How to participate?

By creating an account on you can become part of the maitreja community. By filling out your profile, which is the gateway to other maitreja journeys, you begin to create and attract what is important to you in life and what brings you joy. In maitreja you have the opportunity to be open, transparent and honest with others and yourself.


Write an article and inspire others, express yourself freely and make yourself known. Open a space to meet like-minded people.


Join a group close to your heart. Help create an environment for new ideas through a circle of people with similar interests.


Develop and pursue what you are passionate about and what fulfills you. Start or join a project and help take it as far as you can together.


Connect with people from a wide variety of fields and industries. Find a missing link in the chain, a similar project for mutual inspiration, financial or other support. Let the project develop beyond your ideas.


Nothing good happening in your area? Create an event and organize any kind of event from small gatherings among friends, educational workshops, interesting lectures to large festivals.

Leave a life message

Share your treasure, your experiences and life wisdom based on personal knowledge. They can serve people going through similar situations as well as personal or social progress.

Types of membership

Membership types are currently being developed.

Statutes of the Society

Here you will soon find the Articles of the Society for download.


The fastest way to contact us is by email You can also write to customer support using this link.