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A global platform for project support, safe discussion and creation.
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What is Maitreja?

Maitreja was created as an evolutionary tool for safe, free and cultivated communication. Connect with the emerging community of open-minded people and let's co-determine its future direction. Maitreja is owned by its users, who decide with their votes how the network will evolve and what projects the platform will implement.
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What does Maitreja contain?

Maitreja is a full-fledged social network that we are building as a suite of tools and applications - secure chat, video archive, blogs, groups, projects, events, crowdfunding, and many other parts that are either finished or in the works.
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Why are we doing this?

We believe that Maitreja has the potential to positively impact and transform both society and the planet through the projects it supports. We also desire to make a difference in the field of interpersonal communication.
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Can we change society?

Since 2017, we have been building a community network built on trust in people and free communication. Along with freedom, users are also given responsibility. Our wish is that they use their freedom responsibly and for the benefit of the whole society.

Where do we go from here?

We see the future of humanity in collaboration and the sharing of visions, goals and projects. Every user can pursue whatever they are working on in a safe and free environment and share it with others with confidence. We are also preparing a decentralized fund to support start-up projects.
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Our Code of Ethics

A woman is standing on the bank of a river, holding a child in her arms; she is afraid to cross the swollen river; she is in danger on this bank after dusk.

You see how she hesitates what to do.
You are a monk and you must not look at the woman, even less touch her.
Unless you carry her and the child across the river, they will be in danger.
Everyone else has crossed the river, you're the last one.
But if you help them, you'll break your oath, be expelled and probably die alone and humiliated.
What will you decide? Hurry, it's getting dark.

You've made up your mind; you know what's right; you've always known.